Thursday, March 16, 2017

Story Time: Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel:
I firmly believe there are angels on earth even God tells us about them in the bible. Such as Hebrews 13:2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. We should always treat others with kindness because God calls us to, but also because that person could be an angel in disguise. Let me fix that first sentence, I know Angels are on Earth because I met one.
It was my first time in Thailand and my missionary friend got sick. She got so sick that she had to be taken to the hospital. I went with her and sat in the emergency room. She ended having severe food poison and had to stay to get fluids. So I sat and waited and prayed. About an hour and half went by and all of the sudden the doors that led outside of the ER came swinging open.
I remember seeing a truck and all of these people running around yelling in Thai. Next I see them taking a stretcher out the door and I see them picking up this bloody unconscious boys body and putting him on the stretcher, wheeling him in and doctors and nurses running everywhere.
Then I see this young girl crying when she got out of the truck she came into the ER and there were no seats available. At this time I was still very new in Thailand so I did not speak very much Thai at all. So I just got up and motioned for her to sit in my seat. I put my hand on her and began praying for her. She continued to weep.
The nurses came to all of us and told us to get out of the ER as I watched them push other Hospital beds out of the way to get this boy in. We all had to leave the room, other than the crying girl. We all went in the hallway and just sat and waited. By this time 2 solid hours had went by. I was sitting in this grey hospital with no one who spoke English. I had not eaten, I was worried about my friend and I had just watched a dying boy come into the hospital. I was beginning to feel depressed and anxious.
A little while goes by and I see the crying girl come out of the ER with her head in her hands. She walked by sobbing even louder than before, she was walking beside the doctor. A few minutes later I found out that the boy had died. This made me sick to my stomach and honestly I had no clue what to do. I just sat there in total silence trying to not cry for what I had just seen.
I would say about 30 minutes went by and a Thai women came and sat right beside me. It was like she appeared out of nowhere. I do not remember seeing her walk in. Sadly I do not remember her name. She sat down and began to talk me, she asked me my name and why I was here. I just told her, "My friend has food poisoning." She continued to talk me about other things, and then told me I needed to eat. I did not tell that I had not eaten, but she knew. She said, “Shelby come with me and I will take to the 7-Eleven to get something to eat.” I remember telling her, “I can not go, I have to be here for my friend and I am not allowed to go back into the ER.” She said, “Katie will be okay, she is doing better.” I promise you all that I NEVER once told her my friends name. I told her again, “I can not leave her.” The lady said, “let me go check on her for you.” She went into the ER and came back out, and said once again, “Katie will be okay, let me take you to get some food.” At this point I was hungry I had not eaten all day, so I said I would go.
We walked out the doors and she took ahold of my hand and said, “Hold my hand it can be dangerous here in Thailand, but I will keep you safe.” I felt like I knew this women for years, she did not feel like a stranger. She walked me down to the nearest 7-eleven and I bought some food and we headed back to the hospital. As we walked in I saw my friend Katie being wheeled out in a wheelchair. The lady hugged me and told me to have a blessed day and then just walked right out of the Hospital. So she was not there for someone else, she was there for me. Also, she said have a blessed day and that is not said either. Because there is only 1% of christians in the whole country.
God sent an Angel to comfort me when I needed it the most. I truly believe that lady was not just a lady, but an Angel in disguise. How Amazing is it to have a God that loves us enough to send Angels to comfort us. I will never forget the day I met an Angel. Be Kind to everyone because you never know when God will send an Angel in disguise.  

Blessings Friends! <3 Shelby

Hebrews 13:2

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

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